Friday, June 08, 2007

Some Thoughts on Intelligence

Is it a product of your genes? Or your environment? Is it chemical, or something taught? Is yours just a point on a perfect bell curve determined by standardized testing? Or is there much more - and new - yet to be said about it?

I vote for the latter. Today on Thinking with Somebody Else's Head, let's take a Trilogical look at intelligence.

And I say Trilogical because of our focus in this Podcast on Norberto Keppe's Analytical Trilogy, which forms the basis of everything we do on this program. Keppe's discoveries in psychopathology have given us a precise roadmap of the human psyche for the first time in our history. And this is no small feat. With Keppe's outlining of Inversion, Theomania and Envy, we can understand the things we couldn't before.

For example, we can see human envy in action in our collective refusal to provcide basic health care or food for our fellow citizens. Understanding the process of projection is very useful, because through this we can see that we fear the terrorists outside while we conduct economic and even military terrorism on a grand scale ourselves. We see the human desire to be like gods, what Keppe calls Theomania, in our very ill-advised explorations into genetic modification, which have unknown ramifications. And then we could mention the inversion and maliciousness involved in pushing alienating and debilitating drugs on children and adults in record amounts. We're killing and harming people all the time with this strictly materialistic approach to everything when the psychological roots of our problems are well understood now.

That understanding comes from Keppe's work, and this is something that's not well understood yet because it's been kept from us. This Podcast is one attempt to address that. We're giving away copies of some of Keppe's books, and I've started a Video Podcast now featuring clips from his shows. It's called STOP the Destruction of the World, and it's also available in iTunes.

And we're going to be holding an International Congress from March 16 - 23, 2008 here in Brazil to explore the impolications of Keppe's work in all areas of human endeavor. As always, you can write me at for any more information about any of those things.

Today on our program, I'll talk again with Swedish journalist, Helena Mellander, about Keppe's view of intelligence and the universals.

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