Saturday, April 19, 2008

Truly Combatting Terrorism

The faces of its perpetrators are hidden behind hoods and stockings. Its acts are captured on hand-held home video cameras in dank prisons or God knows where. Its strikes are sudden and unexpected. But we think of it only in terms of our enemies. We, we declare self-righteously, never engage in terrorism.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else's Head, Truly Combatting Terrorism. A special presentation today: a complete re-playing of an interview I did with Dr. Norberto Keppe 5 days after 9-11. The views of a leading psychoanalysis on one very crucial topic we need to probe much deeper in our society - the roots and solutions to terrorism.

More in a moment.

First an update on our upcoming congresses and conferences on Analytical Trilogy, Dr. Keppe's science of socio-psychopathology. If you've been listening for awhile, you'll know we have 2 similar events planned for 2008: one here in Brazil, and one in San Diego. If you're interested in learning more about Analytical Trilogy, how do you make a choice? Let me help you.

Our International Congress of Analytical Trilogy here in Brazil from July 4 - 6, 2008will be for those of you who are resonating with the work we are doing in Brazil in terms of economy, business, residences, publishing, our Integral Psychoanalysis clinic, and the pulse of Norberto Keppe's work. Check out our site at

In San Diego, our World Congress of Analytical Trilogy will be looking at the specific applications of Keppe's work in a wide range of areas - from family counseling to the arts to drug rehab to media and journalism. Lectures, workshops, symposia, all looking at the influence Analytical Trilogy could have in a wide area of human activitiy.

You know, I moved to Brazil from New York City in July 2001, 2 1/2 months before 9-11. So when that infamous incident occurred, I was keenly aware of it, and shocked, like most of us. I asked Dr. Keppe to sit down with me and record an interview about his views on terrorism, and how we could begin to process this and even understand and respond to it. Keppe hit some deep chords in this interview, about maturity and consciousness and drew a much bigger circle around this issue than any commentator I've heard then or since on the subject.

I'm going to run that interview now, in its original Portuguese dubbed into English by my friend, Gilbert Gambucci. The quality is acceptable, but not fantastic. I've cleaned it up as much as possible, including re-recording my questions. But the content is startlingly original - and deeply therapeutic. Let me know what you think.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Jason's Excellent Adventure

Trilogical science has been around for half a century. In that time, it's identified essential aspects of the human psyche. It's allowed us to analyze our myriad personal and social issues. And it's elaborated new work and living structures that solve many long-standing inequalities.

And one more thing - Trilogy is calling some new people here.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else's Head, Jason's Excellent Adventure: A New Canadian's View of Trilogy and His Country.

First, I'm always happy to get email from you about the show. Whether it's a comment or a question, it's always good to know what you're thinking. And I"m looking to have contact with as many people who are listening to Thinking with Somebody Else's Head as possible, because we are expanding on what we offer with this program. I know I've been talking about this for some time, but I want to encourage you to just drop me a line with your email address so I can keep you updated. I'm making some new Keppe books available very soon, and we're developing our teleclass series, and I'd like to be able to contact you directly whenever something cool comes along in our work. So please fire me off a quick note if you haven't already so I know you're listening and I'll keep you in the loop.

You know, Norberto Keppe's work deserves to be studied seriously because it is a serious scientific school of thought that considers the impact of the human psyche in areas as diverse as relationships and economics, the impact of our minds on our health, the disinversion of science and banking, and even how to develop your career and business. Our World Conference of Analytical Trilogy in San Diego, Sept. 24 - 27 2008 will be an excellent overview of this incredible science. You can check out details at

One guy who's responded to Keppe's work through this podcast is a young Canadian named Jason Coombs. He's been listening for the past year and a half and corresponding with me and finally took the big plunge to move down here to study more. I thought it would be interesting for you to talk to him about his story and his first impressions of Trilogy and its specific applications to our country - Canada.

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Clarity of Dreams

They can be downright weird or totally logical. Recurring or one-off experiences. Most of them we dismiss the moment we wake from them. But some of them stay with us like messengers that have something to tell us.

And it's significant that the greatest psychological investigators placed a lot of stock in them. And today, we will, too.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else's Head, the Clarity of Dreams.

But first, one thing I've learned since moving from Canada 6 1/2 years ago to study with Norberto Keppe at his International Society of Analytical Trilogy is ... you have to be flexible. They do things differently down here. It's not like North America where we're raised with the business-like mantra, "Plan the work and work the plan." Things down here operate much more by inspiration.

And it's happening again. New inspiration that is. For the past few weeks on the program, I've been talking about our International Congress of Analytical Trilogy here in Brazil July 4 - 6, 2008. And any of you who come to join us for this great event will be invited to stay on with us at our hotel conference center for a few days after the event for some study and working sessions on Keppe's science of psycho-socio-pathology. Well, any event we hold at our hotel is phenomenal, and this will be no different. More information about that event can be found on our site at And of course, as always, if you need to know more, write me at

The new inspiration is linked to another exciting event we're organizing in the U.S. - the World Congress of Analytical Trilogy in San Diego from September 24 - 27, 2008. More information is at So now you have your choice ... come on down here to beautiful Brazil and experience the science of Analytical Trilogy here in the center of the work and our companies and all that's going on down here. And it's a lot, believe me. Or fly to San Diego and join us there. If you need help making your choice, I can help you at

One thing I do know ... with 81% of Americans in a recent CBS/NY Times poll saying the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction, it's pretty clear a new orientation is needed. And here on the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, may I suggest that Norberto Keppe's work carries on from their extraordinary initiatives. But with something these others didn't have - and that's a profound understanding of human psychopathology. Why, when we all know we should stop war and feed and educate people and stop killing and torturing people we fear, why don't we do that? Keppe's science can answer that question and give us a means to really effect change in the human condition.

But more on that in our next program. Today, dreams. Sari Koivukangas is a teacher here in Brazil who has many years of experience with students in our psycho-linguistic method of teaching. Dreams is one of her specialties.

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