Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Media and War

Almost a century ago we had a war to end all wars. But we could say we've had nothing but since! Millions dead. Homes torn apart. Artistic and philosophical movements stopped dead in their tracks.

While some may rhapsodize about the war years being the best years of their lives, perhaps this is an example of selective nostalgia.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else's Head, The Media and War.

I remember the Edwin Starr hit from the '70s - War: What is it Good For! And the strong exclamation point in response - Absolutely Nothing.

Now, this is a delicate subject because many people have lost loved ones to war situation, so I do not in any way to come across as disparaging their memories. My point of view is that it's a terrible thing that we have any situations here on earth - especially here in the 21st century - where any human beings are losing their lives because we have not found a way to live together without killing and torturing each other. I believe we should be able to live in a world where the laying down of life for country or religious group or tribe would simply never come up.

So it is from that perspective that I would like to step out and explore this subject. And I hope I can express myself well enough here to add something valuable to the conversation that we actually have very seldom - to our shame.

That being said, most of us can agree at least with the idea that war is a last - and I mean way, way distant last - option for solving problems.

So let me try to offer a psychological perspective on war and aggression here on the 5th anniversary of a completely unnecessary war in Iraq.

Norberto Keppe is a Brazilian psychoanalyst whose work can give us a profound view of all aspects of human experience - particularly the sick ones. For Keppe, the essence of life is goodness, truth and beauty. All that exists, by itself, naturally, has those qualities. Any deviation from that is created and maintained by we human beings. And the moment we stop feeding destruction and evil and sickness, they stop.

This is a profound basis from which to move out in analyzing life and social situations, of course, and is the one we will adopt in looking at human war today.

My guest is Italian journalist, Fabrizio Biliotti, who sat down with me recently for an expansive discussion about the role of the media in analyzing the world we live in - especially as it relates to war - and our most high profile war in particular.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

True Medicine

Spending on medical technology is growing. Drug prescriptions are flying out of doctor's offices. Drug companies are throwing new drugs on the market continually. And all this vaunted "medical care" is killing us in record numbers.

We're getting sicker and sicker. And our medical perspective is leading us further and further from a solution.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else's Head, True Medicine.

There's much coming out of the psychosomatic department at Norberto Keppe's International Society of Analytical Trilogy that is ground-breaking. Keppe is a true pioneer in the field. For over 50 years, he's been curing people of severe and minor health conditions, from cancer and AIDS, to migraines and eczema, using nothing more than psychoanalysis - albeit psychoanalysis with some teeth in it, as evidenced by its ability to get to the core of the issue rather than just moving things around on the surface like so much of today's health techniques - including even the highly-touted alternative methods. More in a moment.

First, a reminder of our International Congress of Analytical Trilogy from July 4 -6, 2008 here in Brazil. Our web page is up now - This will be an in-depth look at many practical applications of Norberto Keppe's work in psycho-socio-pathology that will bring you a lot of consciousness and maybe even inspire you to study with us to learn more so you can apply it in your field of work. Check out the site - - and write me if you are interested in joining us -

Speaking of learning ... I'm working with Dr. Claudia Pacheco - my guest on today's show - to develop a very exciting teleclass series for those interested in learning more about Analytical Trilogy and discovering how it can help you in your careers, relationships, health and general understanding of the world. Make sure you write me to get on our waiting list for this. It's coming soon.

Now, Norberto Keppe is the name of the brilliant Austrian/Brazilian psychoanalyst whose extraordinary work forms the basis of this program. And he has elaborated the first true psychology the world has ever seen. Where others have gotten only so far as seeing human problems stemming from sex and family problems, or trauma, or society's negative influence, or chemical imbalances, Keppe has re-defined the field to lead us back to the source of all our problems inside ourselves, which then also manifest outward to our greater society.

If we feel bad, Keppe asserts, it's because of some denial or rejection of health inside us. Thus, our attitudes and ideas and emotions need attention.

This has huge implications in the area of physical health, as we'll discuss today - much more than the food we eat or the vitamins we ingest or even the DNA we have.

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