Friday, June 15, 2007

The Power and Problems Within

Normally, when we look at social or individual problems, we see the source of them outside. Too much stress, too much work, it's my genes or my upbringing.

We're not so inclined to take a good look inside us for answers.

This is a big mistake, which I'd like to take some steps towards correcting today on Thinking with Somebody Else's Head.

Today, we'll go more deeply into one of the key distinguishing characteristics of Norberto Keppe's Integral Psychoanalysis ... interiorization. This is the process of seeing the relationship between our reactions to outside stimula and the correspoinding aspect inside us that's being triggered. This is remarkable stuff. And, if accepted, this process can calm us immensely and help us solve longstanding physical, emotional or even societal issues.

Before we get into it, let me personally invite you to mark down these dates on your calendar. March 16 - 23, 2008. The dates are for our 19th International Congress on Analytical Trilogy here in Brazil. A chance for you to participate and learn more about Keppe's discoveries in psychology, psycho-somatic health, education, scientific methodology and perspectives, arts, media, economics. And actual steps you can take to change all of these areas for the better.

Specifically, we'll look at how human Inversion, Envy and Theomania are leading us to create an increasingly sick and destructive society. I'll hopefully have a website up about it in the next week or so, but for now, plan to attend if you have any interest at all in exploring more Keppe's work and it's implications. In the meantime, write me if you'd like more information.

Today, Dr. Claudia Pacheco joins me again to begin our exploration of this expansive topic. In his book, From Sigmund Freud to Viktor Frankl: Integral Psychoanalysis, Keppe's thesis outlining his psychoanalytical view, he says, "Up to the present moment, all processes of psychotherapy have not been psychological. Psychoanalysis itself, whether orthodox or not, is rather than anything else, a biological, organic treatment." This I think is a good place to start our discussions.

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Todd said...

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