Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Wisdom Inside Us

One of the things that gives me solace when looking at all the really horrible manipulation and cruelty of our modern day society is that the perpetrators of these evil deeds will have their comeuppance.

How all that works is the subject of our show today. Through near death experiences, everyday guilt feelings and spiritual teachings, we can see that our lives have a purpose, and that purpose cannot be fulfilled unless we're prepared to live from a commitment to goodness, truth and beauty. And in our inverted world of flexible morals where good is relative and evil depends on the circumstances that's a challenge.

But evil is still evil and good is still good, and it all plays out inside us every time we do something. For that matter, there is much inside us that we don't have contact with as much as we should, and I hope our program today will fix that a little.

The Wisdom Inside Us, today on Thinking with Somebody Else's Head.

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Hamid said...

This my own point of view of the world... I believe if we did not used name for our religion, there would be more peace and love among the peoples. You know we are serving the same God... but we use different Words( Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hindu... )for our ways of worshiping God it makes human beings feel difference, we need to feel equal in order to do good and get along well with one another,