Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Lessons from Norway

We are a program about thinking, of course, but also a program about acting, about contributing to a better society. It's our contention at the International Society of Analytical Trilogy in Brazil that if we understand the benefits of good action, we would all be more inclined toward it.

But perhaps we've forgotten that tenet of society, that do unto others creed that earlier generations grew up with. I'm not sure when it happened exactly, but somewhere along the way, being good got a bad rap. It became cool to not care, to look after number one only. Maybe we threw the goodness baby out with the bath water when we were marching for revolution in the '60s and trying to undo everything our forefathers had erected, but in doing that, we tuned out on some good stuff, too ... not just the insanity of war.

It's fundamental to our society to do good. But it's also essential to our sanity. And with the horror of Norway reverberating throughout Europe and the world, it's timely to remember that we have contributed to this very destructive world in more concrete ways than we maybe wish to consider. We'll look at that today on our program.

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