Friday, March 26, 2010

Waking the Sleeping Tiger

The term's been trotted out by sound bite trained military commanders trying to come up with a fitting image for describing the enemy. Like the Japanese admiral who reflected after Pearl Harbor, "Perhaps we've just awakened a sleeping tiger."

It's always used to point to a condition of potential that waits, dozing in the wings, for its hour upon the stage.

But in today's desperate world, we need the sleeping tiger to get its butt into gear.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else's Head, Waking the Sleeping Tiger.

This program, I hope, will be a clarion call to all who have a spark still burning in the embers of their idealism. As there was for me when I read Norberto Keppe's seminal book for idealists the world over, Liberation of the People: the Pathology of Power. This book was a beacon for me because of its scientific analysis of our inverted social structure which has led us so far from anything remotely resembling a just situation. This book is a searing critique that manages to give us hope even while it's pointing out the sickness and destruction that has come at our hands. Because Keppe's book speaks to a deeper level in us than just revolutionary fervor like that "off with their heads" blood lust that perverted ideals behind the French Revolution.

Keppe speaks to universal values like tolerance and dignity while shining an unwavering critical eye on the causes of our current desperate impasse, while continuing to suggest reasonable and rational solutions to our dilemma which we could put into practice immediately to great effect.

He also has some extremely important things to say about the pathology of power, and how power is controlled by the sickest individuals on the planet - something that's never been understood well because of our admiration for the rich and famous that stems from our Inversion and envy, which he outlines in this book, and because the powerful manipulate everything in secret so that everything goes to their favor and not the favor of the vast majority of human beings.

We quite simply don't get the full story in our media and halls of education and so remain ignorant of this nefarious situation. This, of course, is what I'm trying to address through this program. And what Norberto Keppe has been trying to address for decades through his books and TV and radio programs.

Our program today will be a wake up call - we hope - for any of you with dreams for a just society still burning, however dimly, beneath your breast. Keppe's science of Analytical Trilogy offers real hope for a way back from the abyss.

I'd like to make Keppe's monumental book, Liberation of the People, available to you free of charge. I'll only ask you to help with mailing costs. We'll foot the rest. I think if enough people can get up to speed with Keppe's ideas in this book, really start to resonate with them, we're not too late to effect real change on this planet.

Email me if you'd like a free copy of Liberation of the People. And one other thing ... our psychosocial forum May 13 - 15, 2010 here in São Paulo will be another good thing for you to know about. Check out the site.

Today, psychosocial therapist, Gilbert Gambucci, joins me to try to wake up the sleeping tiger.

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Lucas said...

A Trilogia Analítica entrou na minha vida como uma luva que aquece nossas mãos em pleno inverno e por esse motivo Tenho feito muitas observações a minha volta e cada vez que assisto à palestra do Dr. Norberto R.Keppe junto a Dra. Cláudia B.Pacheco eu fico perplexo por enxergar o que está acontecendo no mundo somente por causa da falta de consciência do ser humano.
Precisamos abrir nossas mentes para que possamos identificar o que ha. de mais negativo em nossa psique e irmos limpando através de nossa boa conduta, pois o ser humano está se tornando cada vez mais alienado, invejoso, invertido mesmo, vendo as coisas que são boas como se fossem ruins e sendo infelizes e incapazes de enxergar isso no mesmo instante.
Por isso eu concordo com meu amigo e professor Richard L Jones que não existe no mundo uma ciência mais certa do que a ciência elaborada pelo Dr.Norberto Keppe.

Lucas R.Lima