Friday, December 21, 2007

The Destructive Culture of Narcissism

What’s in it for me? Looking out for #1. Blow your own horn. If you want a job done right, do it yourself.

North American culture is full of sayings like these, and they reveal something pretty clearly about our philosophy of life, don’t they? One we are spreading all around the globe. Human beings really do look out only for themselves … and this is killing us.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head, the Destructive Culture of Narcissism.

It’s a appropriate time of the year to do this program because it’s a time of the year when we are maybe (although it’s debatable whether we really do this or not) a little more open to thinking of something other than me, me, me. And it’s this opening we’d like to exploit today on our program.

As you must know if you’ve been listening to Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head at all, our association here in Brazil - the International Society of Analytical Trilogy - and our sister organization, the STOP the Destruction of the World Association, have a large objective: to make human beings more conscious of the problems in the human psyche which have never been adequately addressed and which lie at the root of our inverted society and feed all the destruction we are doing to our beautiful planet.

We offer Norberto Keppe’s TV programs in many languages to community TV stations all over the world, we have books and publications available, we give lectures and classes. And there are two other important things to tell you about:

1) We’re holding an International Congress on Keppe’s science of psych-socio-pathology in July of 2008. Write me for more information on that …

2) We’ll also be starting a new program very soon where you can learn more about our work and how it can help your life. We’ll be offering monthly newsletters and teleclasses and Q&A sessions so you can really begin to penetrate this world of the human psyche defined by Keppe. Again, just write me at and I’ll make sure you get the information about this. We’re pretty excited about it and are hoping many of you who are regular listeners to Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head will take advantage of it. After all, we need to build a community of more conscious people, and that means understanding ourselves and our difficulties more completely.

Which is what all of our work, and this radio program, are all about.

Today, narcissism. Dr. Claudia Pacheco joins me again to look at this volatile subject.

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