Friday, October 26, 2007

Where is All the Free Energy

It's like something directly out of one of those B movies from the '50s. Radiant energy transmitters. Implosion/vortex machines. Cold fusion energy.

But a lot of this is already a reality. Yes, there's a lot going on in the search for alternative energy. And a whole lot more going on as to why we don't have it.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else's Head, Where in the World is all the Free Energy?

Our topic today is a broad one. It encompasses the inversion in science that causes us to look at matter as the source of energy an dso miss out on some more advanced technologies that were started, ironically, over 100 years ago. We'll also touch into the psychological sickness behind how that intriguing technology gets completely suffocated and blatantly denied us. (And a little hint here - the reasons go much deeper than just the maniacal hunt for profit that we normally point to as the culprit in this clear crime against humanity.)

This is a feature of psychoanalyst and social scientist, Norberto Keppe's, work actually. He has been able to develop a psychological science that provides a clear map of what's going on in the human psyche - for the first time in history - and which can also be applied to the structures and processes of society. After all, society is developed out of the belief structures and world views of the human beings that compose it, and so suffers from the same distortions and inversions that we do. (I think this applicability of psychological understanding to all of humankind's structures is unprecedented in history, and therefore of great value to we who are struggling to understand the world.

My guest today is engineer, Cesar Soos, a frequent contributor to this Podcast.

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