Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Mind and the Immune System

It's a dangerous world out there. Viruses are poised to attck us if we're unlucky enough to choose the wrong sexual partner. There are dangerous hormones in the meat. Chemically ripened bananas. And don't even mention the perils lurking in a microwaved potato!

What's to ge done? Well, as always, it appears our solution lies between our ears. Today on Thinking with Somebody Else's Head, we'll look at our minds and our immune systems.

First, an exciting announcement. We're going to be convening an international congress on Norberto Keppe's science - Analytical Trilogy - in March of 2008. Start planning now if you're interested in attending. We'll be analyzing all areas of human activity - from medicine to art to science to sociopathology to economics and more - through Keppe's discoveries. It will be fascinating and revolutionary. And very positive in terms of giving you some real perspectives on the root causes of what's going so wrong in our society and how we can fix it. Write me if you'd like any more information on this:

Cesar Sóos is working very closesly with Dr. Claudia Pacheco and Dr. Roberto Giraldo in our very exciting Integral Psychosomatic clinic here in São Paulo. You've heard from him many times on this Podcast. Dr. Keppe said recently on his TV program that illness appears because the person's immune system loses force because of something internal, and when this happens, anything causes imbalance. That's the starting place for our very provocative discussion today.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Richard for your very interesting podcast!

How do you explain diseases which children are born with? Defected organs,blindness,with no arms or legs, defected brain,handicap and so on? What is the true causes to this? Is this a resultat of other people´s envy? How do you see at the concepts reincarnation and karma?

Mikael J,Sweden

Richard Lloyd Jones said...

Hi again Mikael,

Well, this gets a little difficult, but Melanie Klein showed us that children have attitudes about life and their mothers from a very young age - she speculated that this began even in the womb. So it's conceivable that a baby could have a heightened envy of life from a very young age. This could cause many difficulties in the physical and mental health of the child.

Also, because life is an energetic thing, the energetic forces that combine to create the child are very important. If there are any disturbances there - caused by obvious things like drugs or alcohol, but also by genetic factors from the ancestors - the energies will be distorted, and the physical may reflect that.

In my understanding, a new being is a creation of God and therefore perfect in its origins. The human being has many things that distort this creation, though. We have, of course, the physical environmental ambience that the child is being born within. Radiation, pollution, hormone injections. All of these can, obviously, distort the energetic impulse from God. But as well, our attitudes can distort how and to what degree we accept the energetic emanations from God.

Dr. Roberto Giraldo was telling me about an experiment done on rats who were deprived of food and became very debilitated as a result. (A very cruel experiment that I don't condone, but I use it to make a point.) What they found was that their babies were born malnourished as well. The interesting thing is that when the babies were fed, they returned to normal quite quickly, but the weakness they suffered was passed on for 3 generations. So despite being fed well in succeeding generations, there was a genetic weakness caused generations ago by the malnutrition of the family members.

That's on the physical level! Now imagine what thousands of years of inverted ideas and attitudes and profound envy have done to the genetic information of human beings! And since the psychological dominates the physical, I think it's safe to say that there are a lot of reasons to be found in human activity for the presence of birth defects, etc.

It's important to stress, however, that we still have a part of us that is complete and perfect. The essence of Man is beautiful, good and true, but we are a long way from experiencing that because of our attitudes and behaviors against it.

As for reincarnation ... well this is a delicate subject. Let me try to answer it philosophically: if we are perfect in our essence, then our life journey must be to try to reclaim that, not evolve towards it. We are already complete, but reject it. As opposed to reincarnation which says we have to evolve to some perfect state in the future.

I hope this helps a little. These are complex subjects, though, and not easy to answer quickly in a blog comment. So feel free to ask for further clarifications of how we see these important issues here in Brazil at the International Society of Analytical Trilogy.

Thanks for the comment, Mikael.