Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Healing Power of Music

Some have called it a collaboration between God and the artist. For others, it is a way to escape. It's been used to persuade, to manipulate and to seduce. Its stars' sins make headlines, and their victories make billions.

But its impact is much more than simply economic. Today on Thinking with Somebody Else's Head, let get some perspective on music.

Music and art have an enormous influence on us, obviously. From babies in mother's wombs to teenagers listening to favorite artists on tinny headphones in a desperate attempt to understant what's going on inside and around them, to composers scoring love scenes in award-winning films, music impacts us much more that most of us think about in our day-to-day lives.

Let's turn a psychological eye to music today, with Italian journalist and musician, Fabrizio Biliotti.

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Anonymous said...

Helle Richard,

I just discovered your podcast and thank you for this brainfood!
And also thank you for bringing the work of dr. Keppe to my attention. I've never heard of him here in The Netherlands but now via your shows I can read more on his highly interesting site.
Im promoting your podcast because in my opinion we need to detour our way of thinking so that we creat value in this world instead of distroying it. This is only possible with profound understanding of life.

Again thank you for all the brainfood and sincere greetings from your Dutch listeners in
The Netherlands.


Richard Lloyd Jones said...

Thanks a lot, Ludmilla. It's always nice to receive positive comments, and I especially appreciated your idealism when you said that we need a detour in our ways of thinking. That, of course, is what this Podcast, and Dr. Keppe's work, is all about, so I'm very gratified you caught that.
Thanks a lot for listening, and feel free to write me personally anytime at

I'd love to have your e-mail address. And all the best to the Netherlands. I have very fond memories of my 2 trips to your beautiful and hospitable country.

What iPodunk is about... said...

Hi Richard,

As I can see… you are famous in The Netherlands. Great Podcasts. I loved your Podcast on The healing power on Music because of the new perspective.
And I have brought your Blogspot to the attention to some people in The Netherlands who love to hear more from you.