Monday, February 05, 2007

Some thoughts on self-confidence

Some see it as a belief in your abilities and talents. Others that it's the result of what you've been told and taught.

We've heard that we have to earn it, but that we deserve it at the same time. That we can build it, that we need affirmations. Hypnosis. To unleash our power within.

But if you still question your self-confidence (and who doesn't?) strap yourself in. Today, what's really going on with our self-confidence.

My gosh, how we've struggled with this thing called self-confidence. We've meditated, we've diary-ed, we've seven stepped ourselves to death trying to grasp the damn thing. And it always hovers there, tantalizingly out of reach. Others we perceive as having it are constant reminders of our failure as they dangle the keys to the kingdom of riches and success and realized dreams just out of reach.

But today, a chance to see how far away we've been from even understanding self-confidence.

And big thanks to my dear friend, Susan Berkley, for providing the interview for this show. This is taken from Susan's excellent series, Magnetic Self-Confidence, which is available on her website.

Leo Lima is a psychologist and a psychoanalyst at Dr. Norberto Keppe's International Society of Analytical Trilogy here in São Paulo, and he's our special guest today on Thinking With Somebody Else's Head.

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