Sunday, December 24, 2006

Some new thoughts on raising kids

Human beings have been raising kids forever. There are oceans of words on the subject. Mountains of theories. Even comic strips. You can pay to have child rearing advice, or get an earful of the unpaid kind every time the in-laws come over. But are there any final conclusions?

When you Google the topic, you'll be overwhelmed with pages to peruse. A search in Yahoo will yield thousand to books on the topic. There is certainly no shortage of perspectives out there. Still, it seems no matter what you do, sooner or later, some expert will pop up out of the blue and declare with absolute certainty that you did everything wrong.

But if we're finalizing the mapping of the human psyche here at the International Society of Integral Psychoanalysis in Brazil, we must be able to draw some more definitive conclusions.

Selma Genzani is a psychoanalyst at Dr. Keppe's Integral Psychoanalysis clinic in São Paulo. She sees a wide range of clients, including many children and their parents. She has a lot of great, and different from the usual, thoughts on raising kids.

Oh, and one more thing ... she's a parent, too. The combination makes for a very interesting program today on Thinking With Somebody Else's Head.

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