Thursday, July 09, 2009

Art and Transcendence

Wagner believed in Mozart, Beethoven and God. Not necessarily in that order, but in all three.

Schumann called music the language that permits us to converse with the beyond.

Artists carve mythology into stone and record history on canvas. So maybe it is true that through
art all men are saved.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else's Head, Art and Transcendence.

Whenever any of my colleagues here at the International Society of Analytical Trilogy bring art and esthetics as a classroom subject, the energy changes in the room. The students, often tired and stressed out after long days, perk up and something beautiful happens. In fact, one of my good friends down here, Helena Mellander from Sweden, a very gifted singer, was recently giving a lecture to a select group of human resources professionals down here in Brazil about the leading edge strategies for dealing with stress that are emerging out of Dr. Keppe's science of Analytical Trilogy, and as part of her lecture, she sang a couple of songs. Well, let me tell you, it had a magnificent impact. Everyone felt it - the combination of knowledge/reason, and feeling/intuition.

"There are certain moments that come along where your life is different afterwards," said one participant. "This was one of those moments for me."

Art and spirituality go hand-in-hand. Well, they used to anyway. Consciously. But spirituality is always present with great art of any discipline. Keppe has always recognized this, and has written that art and esthetics is the basis of civilization.

And incidentally, I'm writing this as I'm preparing to head off to our 6th Festival of the Arts at our Grande Hotel Trilogia in Cambuquira, Brazil this weekend. There are some wonderful things happening there that I'll be letting you know more about as time goes on. Our initiatives there are serving to bring the place to life, and it's been let go for many years, so we are witnessing a great comeback now. It's in a beautiful part of Brazil, nestled among coffee plantations, the verdant Atlantic Forest and some of the best mineral waters on the planet. It's a forgotten town in a jewel of a setting, but it's receiving new lifeblood now.

As always, you can get me anytime by email if you want to know anything more about everything we are doing down here:, and I'm always happy to hear from you. Our Trilogy portal also has more information.

Today, musician and Analytical Trilogy teacher, Fabrizio Billioti joins me to talk about the arts and transcendence.

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