Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Drugs and Power

Its victim list is a long one that includes some of the most famous personalities of the 20th century. But it's the less well-known stories that make us catch our breath. The quiet, intelligent teenager down the street who overdoses. The cousin who doesn't make it through rehab. The childhood friend who gets in with the wrong crowd and is shot in a drug deal gone sour.

Today on Thinking with Somebody Else's Head, Drugs and Power.

It's been awhile since I've posted an episode of TWSEH. I've been busy with a new and related project to let you know about ... a live radio call-in show I've been conducting with Dr. Claudia Bernhardt Pacheco, vice-president of the International Society of Analytical Trilogy here in São Paulo. Claudia's a much in-demand Trilogical psychoanalyst with extensive international experience in treating all manner of human relationship, health, work and personal issues. My idea for the past copule of years has been to create a forum where she and I could take live calls from listeners and offer our unique perspective on the problem.

You see, I receive many emails from listeners to this Podcast asking specific questions about problems or difficulties. There's the young woman from the Balkans who's terrified of AIDS. The young guy in the Pacific Northwest who's concerned about his inability to stop sabotaging his relationships. The 2 brothers who struggle with depression. I help them as much as I can - I do special Podcasts on the themes, I write personally to all who write to me, I suggest books and other resources. But I cannot do what a psychoanalyst trained by Dr. Norberto Keppe can do.

Keppe's science of Analytical Trilogy is vast, and provides an analysis of the human psyche that no one - not Freud or Klein or Jung or Rogers, any of them - was able to accomplish. And that means that when this science is applied in a therapeutic way to personal or social issues, the analysis that emerges is right on the target. And that's what we want to do with this live call-in radio show.

We're calling the program, Healing Through Consciousness, and all the information is on our site at www.healingthroughconsciousness.com, or of course you can email me at rich@richjonesvoice.com. This show is a marvellous opportunity to get some real overview of your problems or issues or questions about anything. So do join us.

Our Podcast today is taken from our program actually, and entails Dr. Claudia's long response to a listener's question, about ... drugs. That enormous social problem. And the war on drugs? Welll, that's a deceiving name. Anyone who saw Ridley Scott's American Gangster film saw the movement of drugs into the U.S. from the Vietnam War. Afghanistan opium production climbed back to 96% of the world production after the American-led invasion there after 9/11. In some circles, the introduction of hallucinogenic drugs into the changing consciousness of the '60s was a direct plan to subvert that idealistic movement.

And then there's the CIA's Bluebird Project to remember - a planned study to analyze the effect of drugs on mind control ... and we can imange what's happened with all that research.

So when the question came up on our Healing Through Consciousness show, Dr. Pacheco jumped right into the heat of it. She's no stranger to the issue in truth, having published a searing critique of the role of governments and so-called law enforcement agencies in organized drug trafficking back in the late '80s. The American Drug Multinational she called it, and it pulled no punches. And Claudia didn't pull any punches in how she answered our caller's question either.

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